You can score 5 even if you don’t have chemistry honors or if you did not take chemistry subject in your school before. For this, you have to work hard and need to make a systematic study plan.First of all you need to understand the basic concepts very clearly. Basic concepts like structure of atoms, trends in periodic table, stoichiometry, type of bonds, intermolecular force of attraction etc.

You must take topics chapter wise. You can refer any good AP chemistry book, referred by your school teacher and make notes. To make notes and to understand the concepts, you can take help of your textbook, your teacher’s notes and internet material like youtube videos. After completion of the whole chapter try to do multiple choice questions and free response questions related to that chapter. You can get these questions from AP practice test books or you can get them from online practice material, quizzes etc.

Pick some related questions from previous year’s papers because the most important part is practice. Multiple choice questions are very conceptual because you cannot use calculators in that section. Before two months of exams, try to do previous year papers and practice test papers regularly so that you can complete the whole paper in time.

Time management is very important because you have to complete your test in a given time. Practice of test papers would help you to do this. So the most important things are “practice and revision”.

Hope these tips would help you do well in your AP exam. Good Luck.


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