Stoichiometry and General Concepts

Percent composition, empirical formulae, balancing equations, moles and molecular formulas, molar mass, density, and calculations from balanced equations


Kinetic molecular theory of gases, Dalton's, Boyle's, Charles’s, and ideal gas law

Liquids and Solids

Intermolecular forces, phase changes, vapor pressure, structures, polarity, and properties


Polarity, properties (colligative, noncolligative), forces, and concentration calculations

Chemical Equilibria

Molecular, acid/base, precipitation, calculations, and Le Chatelier’s principle


Laws of thermodynamics, Hess’s law, spontaneity, enthalpies and entropies, and heat transfer

Chemical Kinetics

Rate laws, activation energy, and half-life

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

Balancing equations, determination of oxidation numbers, electrochemical calculations, and electrochemical concepts and terminology

Atomic and Molecular Structure

Electron configuration, orbital types, Lewis-Dot diagrams, atomic theory, quantum theory, molecular geometry, bond types, and subatomic particles

Periodic Properties

Representative elements, transition elements, periodic trends, and descriptive chemistry

Nuclear Reactions

Balancing equations, binding energy, decay processes, particles, and terminology


Basic techniques, equipment, error analysis, safety, and data analysis


Energetics, and Structure - elimination, addition, free radical, substitution mechanisms, and other mechanisms and reactions

Aromatics and Bonding

Concept of aromaticity, resonance, atomic/molecular orbitals, hybridization, and bond angles/lengths